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Special Needs


shovellingThe teacher is responsible for all students in the class and for optimal learning environments to be created and sustained; they must have all members present and willing to participate in the environment. The teacher’s role is to make that happen by learning about, and teaching the students for whom they are responsible and in the case where there are students who present with disability an extra effort is required to work collaboratively with the LSO in order to make that classroom a cohesive and functional optimal learning environment for all. After all, it is not about the content, it’s about the students, it’s about how they learn and it’s about how the teacher can make that happen. Begin where they are, challenge them, support them and show them where they could be. Believe. 

Workshops offered:

  • Differentiation and modification
  • Engaging students with disabilities in the mainstream classroom
  • Inclusion for non-funded students 
  • Teachers and Learning Support Officers - Collaboration
  • Learning plans
  • Learning preference
  • Behaviour Management


Please fell free to contact me to make arrangements for your personally catered professional learning program for staff, students and /or parents. 

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I am an experienced teacher, who wants to share the highs and lows of my learning journey in and out of the classroom.

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I work with educators, students and parents sharing insights, theories and practical applications into the way we learn and behave and how this can assist us in being the best we can be.

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